The Egyptian Canadian Packs is the latest factory in Egypt and the Middle East for Manufacturing Corrugated Cartons. with a Production Capacity of  more than  500,000 Cartons a day.

The Egyptian Canadian factory contains the latest machinery, such as Massive printers that have up to 5 colors printing ability. We also have all the latest kinds of cutting utilities, such as, Rotary and flat die – cutter which uses the latest laser Engraving Machine.

Our Vision is to offer the best quality of cartons, with the highest graphic designs. and the maximum customer satisfaction. One of our most significant concerns is quality control, it strictly executes each manufacturing process, starting from the raw material, untill the finished products.

Our Mission is to provide the best carton in the whole Egyptian Carton Market, which will be offered for Egyptian Exporters as well. This will be Achieved by our Highly Qualified Group of Expertise and Dedicated Specialists.